Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Beirut bad boys (part 2)

Sept 2009.  So I make contact with the friend of my friend, and we agree to meet for drinks.  He will collect me outside my hotel and take me ‘somewhere fun’.  I am standing at the appointed place, watching a parade of stupidly attractive men walk past – their combination of physique, looks and apparent lack of self-awareness is a potent combination (note the word ‘apparent’).  Then the car pulls up. After a momentary double-take, we realize we have met before - the friend is in fact the architect from 3 countries and a year or two back.

An awkward silence is broken by an eruption of laughter.  “Does our friend know” we simultaneously ask one another, “Of course not” the synchronized reply.  We head off to a well known bar district, and get talking and drinking.  Over the course of our conversation we decide not to have sex again, but he’s happy to show me places that are ‘fun’ of an entirely different nature to what was first planned.  Dear reader – have you ever been to a Lebanese bear bar?  Wow.  The bears were as you would expect, but the cubs….  Oh my god, the cubs…  We laughed and talked some more, each identifying favourites and what we'd like to do with and to them.  Then my friend gets one and, shrugging and smiling, departs for a night of fun.  To be honest, after a long days work and a few beers, I’d had enough, so left shortly after, alone.

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