Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Beirut bad boys (part 1)

Sept 2009.  After the discotheque drama, I ease up on activities for a while.  An unexpected business trip takes me to Beirut, and a scheduling fuck-up means I am there, alone, for 5 days.  I think I have previously mentioned my soft spot for Levant boys, honed over many years of observation both in the flesh and via carefully selected pornography.  I was not disappointed when I got to witness them on their home turf.  Upon being informed of my travel plans, my neighbor insisted I meet his ‘best friend since childhood’ when there, so I was duly provided with telephone and email contacts.

First up, I decide to hit the saunas.  Frustratingly, my driver cannot find the one I want, so takes me to another, which I had not heard of.  It’s actually a hammam, and totally ‘local’, with little or no English spoken, but I decide to go with the flow and see what happens.  And it happened.  I was handed to a monster of a man, in his late 20’s and built like a pro-wrestler, with many tattoos visible from his shorts and tee-shirt.  He leads me into the warm area, and shoves me onto the slab, then walks off.  So far, so good. 

He comes back after a time, now just wrapped in a pestemal, and I see he is in fact covered in tatts, with a nice line of hair leading down his washboard abs to quite a bulge.  He leads me to a private room, and single-handedly moves a large marble bowl in order to block the door, then turns to me and smiles.  He indicates the bench and, while re-arranging his cloth, I see a porn-sized dick bobbing about.  I lie down, and my soap massage commences.  He’s good, but it gets better when he takes my hand and wraps it around his bulge, ensuring the motion of the massage is mutually enjoyable.  After a time, he slaps my arse, which is hammam speak for ‘turn over’, so I do, slightly embarrassed because I’m rocking a hard-on .  I see that he has now dropped his cloth and is in a similar state.  Did I say it was big?  It stood maybe 5cm past his navel, a fact I was able to observe as he climbed onto me and slid his dick between my legs as he massaged my chest and shoulders.  As I grabbed his arse (which was as firm as his dick), he started pumping, and the sheer length of him meant that he was now sliding straight under me and into the small of my back, and now with his hand on my own dick for leverage.  OMG.  Loads were shot (rather quickly on my part), tips were given and I escape to the sunlight, wondering how soon I can return…

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