Thursday, 20 December 2012

All tied up…

Feb 2010.  I’m at the usual place, and not having much luck.  As I decide to leave, a guy walks up and falls in step with me.  About my height (182cm), a bit older than me and a reasonable body.  His general look suggests 20 years back he would have been a very, very handsome man.

We head to his hotel, and upstairs.  He opens a couple of beers and begins to strip off while drinking.  I do the same, but he is sending off a ‘not yet’ kind of vibe, despite the fact we’re both naked and hard.

As he finishes his beer, he picks up a long leather strap and begins to wind it around himself, paying particular attention to his dick and balls.  Once tightly secured, he lowers himself to the bed and beckons me over, whereupon he starts to suck my dick.  Not bad, but he’s wriggling around a lot, and doing something with his hands.  I look over my shoulder and see that he’s begun to fuck himself with the beer bottle, blunt end first.   I position myself to better observe this, all the while getting a blowjob from him.  As he began to climax, one hand working the bottle, the other his cock, I thought he was going to bite my dick off.  Once he was done, I got him to tie me up for the fun of it, and to make me orgasm while I was bound.  He trussed me like a turkey, and wrapped the leather tight around my cock and balls, cinching it to the point of pain.  It felt pretty good, and as he wanked me I shot a lot further than usual, but, meah…

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