Sunday, 16 December 2012

Beginners Luck

May, 2007.  After only a few days to acclimate to both the weather and the culture, I venture out.  After too many drinks in a very straight bar, I head to the bathroom.  A man is eyeing me off in the mirror, but other than noticing that's he's ridiculously handsome, rather well built, long hair, and about 30, I don't pay too much attention ;)  After all, this is a sports bar, and such things don't happen in places like that.  I do what I do, and return to the bar.

After a while, I decide to leave.  Ride down in the elevator and cross the lobby.  The guy is hanging about by the door.  "Hi", he says, "saw you upstairs".  We exchange pleasantries for a bit, then notice the taxi line.  "Which way are you heading" he asks.  I don't quite believe this is actually happening, but answer him.  Big smile.  "Me too, any chance we can share a taxi?".  Still doubtful, I consent, so we get a taxi together and head off.

He tells me on the ride he is a professional soccer player, and been living in the country for the past few years, playing on their representative team.  Lets call him "the professional" (for reasons that will become clear later).  My scepticism must have shown, for when my hotel comes up (much sooner than I would have hoped), he says "there's a cafe in there - why don't we grab something and I can show you me on the team website?".

Now, I was drunk remember.  I figured such an offer of transparency moved the guy from 'potential axe murderer' straight up to 'opportunity', so agreed and in we went.  I mentioned the wifi in my room was actually pretty good, so we continued directly to the elevator and upstairs.

Not a lot was actually said from this point on.  The guy was outstandingly built, and we were both packing a bulge by the time we got to my floor.  Into the room.  He shoved me up against the wall and began to kiss me hard, grinding up against me even harder.

Now, bear in mind at this point I am still deeply closeted, and apart from some teenage fumbling and a most unsatisfactory trip to a bathhouse, have never actually been with a man.  It appears, however, that I am a quick learner.

To bed.  We fooled about for a bit, then to business.  Dear reader, I was fucked from every conceivable angle, and in every conceivable orifice.  Like I said, the guy was a pro soccer player, so a fantastic body, and a cut dick of about 8".  Damnation it hurt!  Then we got a rhythm going and it was sensational!  We both came twice, then fell asleep together.

Next morning, he woke up hard and decided to go for round 2, on the bedroom armchair, where he sat me in his lap and fucked me from below.  Then rounds 3 and 4 in the shower.

I was late to work that morning.....

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