Monday, 17 December 2012

A soft serve surprise

June 2007.  By now I am out of the hotel and in a fairly luxurious villa, with tropical style gardens (the water it took to maintain!), and an utterly private swimming pool.  Perfect for ‘entertaining’…
After protracted conversations via social media, I find myself meeting a young Asian man in a coffee shop.  We talk for a bit, confirming our individual interests and preferred activities, then decide to move back to my place.  On arrival, he declines food, drink, a swim and declares his interest in ‘heading upstairs’.  So we do.
He wants to cuddle.  Not kiss, not fuck, not anything.  Cuddle.  Somehow, somewhere, between the coffee shop and the house he has lost all interest in sex, and just wants to bloody well cuddle.  Was it me?  Don’t know, don’t care, and if that’s ‘soft sex’, you can bloody well have it!

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