Sunday, 16 December 2012

A false break...

June, 2007.  After the professional, things were quiet for a bit.  The I decided to get active on one of the world's more prominent social media sites.  Interesting days lay ahead, I just didn't know it yet...

First up was someone asking 'what it was like to be gay in this part of the world'.  I replied honestly, that I didn't really know, but was eagerly exploring.  He replied in a similar vein, confessing he had 'feelings' for men, but didn't know how to progress them.  We agree to meet in public.  His profile was interesting, and the pic was of a very fit looking guy on a motorbike (another tick!), so we confirm the time and place.

Of course, in that part of the world, everything is closed on Friday, so we are awkwardly standing about, outside a shuttered coffee shop near my hotel.  True to the pic, he's tall, fit and pretty good looking.  Lets call him the Moroccan.  Fuck it I think, let's head back to mine.

So we get there, with some mumbling and further awkwardness and soft drinks.  I'm on the couch, he's in an armchair.  Finally, I ask him - "you're a big lad, does your dick measure up to the rest of you?"

He answers by standing up, peeling off his shirt and dropping his trousers.  It's pretty good - 7" maybe, fat, cut and half hard.  I get up and approach him, but he steps back.  "Don't touch me" he says.  This is weird I'm thinking, and wondering if I've made a mistake.

So he stands there, dick bobbing up and down, telling me how his religion forbids this kind of thing and how he's really, really confused by his feelings and of the certainty he's headed straight for hell.  Oh shit.

So we stay - me sitting, him standing.  I ask him if he'd like to come into the bedroom and jerk off onto me.  He was grateful for the offer, and we proceed down the hall.

Onto the bed (me), naked and hard.  Beside the bed (him) same state.  It took him about a minute, then he shot his load over my chest and groin.  I wacked off while he watched, then he left.

There began an occasional (and occasionally strange) relationship, conducted sometimes in person, but more often via social media and text.  More on the Moroccan later!

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