Sunday, 9 April 2017

Not as quiet as it seems... (1/2)

So, I've spent a large part of the past few weeks on an aeroplane, encompassing SE Asia, the Middle East & the UK.  A grueling schedule, plus traveling with my boss, has left little time for hook-ups.  Cop 2 hit me up a few times, but tired of my long distance replies, and a muscle guy in Singapore (with whom I've messaged a few times over the course of my visits there), tried but we failed to connect.

So, back to my own part of the Sandlands, tired, jet-lagged and with blue balls.  With the recent bombings (but happily not that dreadful nerve gas business), the Syrian has hot-footed it home, and there have been very few other opportunities to do anything.  The young Egyptian guy passed by, but it was late and we were both tired, so it was soft only.

However, this weekend changed that, and I think I've set a new record (or possibly a new low).

The harus wants to meet, but he won't come to my flat.  He's very much 'rough trade', and my security detail shares his nationality and has thus worked out his place in society and treat him accordingly.  He wants cam sex, and as I've had a drink or three, I consent.  He wants to jerk off as I finger my hole. so I oblige and in due course he spurts what appears to be a monster load onto his kitchen benchtop before disconnecting.  Almost straight away, I get hit up by a guy who turns out to be in my building.  He's tall and Chinese, uncut and slim.  Very slim.  We chat for a bit, he seems ok and he's nearby, so why not.  Within minutes he's as my door, and as soon as I've closed it, he comes in and aggressively begins to kiss me and grope my crotch, almost immediately leading me to the bedroom and stripping off...

my neighbour...
He's clearly been watching a few porno movies, as he's all gruff and tough, trying to push me around and act like a super dom top.  Awkward when he's about a foot shorter than me.  We get down to it, and he shoves me onto the bed, telling me his flatmate thinks he's downstairs smoking so he doesn't have too long.  After a brief 69, he drags me to the edge of the bed and raises my legs over his shoulders, then enters me.  His dick isn't that big, and frankly, I'm not feeling much, but he's energetic, jerking me off as he thrusts, but my swollen balls can't take much and explode.  With an audible splat I send a stripe of super thick cum up my chest, with a large pool gathering in my navel.  He gasps at both the speed and size of my load, and quickly withdraws to jerk himself off, his smallish load pooling with mine.  But then the fucker decides to spit in my face, so I literally kick him off me and tell him to get out.

I've re-dressed and am smoking, happy I've at least busted a nut, when Growlr pings.  6', 28y.o and built wants to chat, 'fessing up he's horny AF and wants to play.  He's also 1/2 mile away...
wouldn't you...?
I tell him I'd shot a load not an hour beforehand, but he's keen anyway, and arrives in due course.  Amazing.  Great build, dreamy eyes and floppy hair, he shares his IG feed and playlist with me over a few drinks and cigarettes, then he asks if I mind that he removes his dish-dash 'for comfort'.  Of course I don't, and as he shrugs it over his head, I can see the tentpole in his drawers, so I walk across and grab it through the fabric, leading him back to the couch.  We chat for a bit, then I notice he's somehow slid his drawers down, and a good sized cock is standing upright not a foot away, so I drop my head and give it a lick, nuzzling my face down under to give his balls a go as well.  He responds to this by shifting up to the back of the couch, his feet now on the cushion, and I slurp and suck for a bit before he drops back down and leads me to the bedroom.  He's a great kisser, and has a soft beard and mo, so we roll about for a bit, kissing and stroking, his hands fondling my balls as I run my fingernails up and down his back, then I suck him for a while more (he won't suck me), and then he positions himself between my legs and starts to drag his cock up and down my slot before asking for a condom.

At this point I'm happy to take him, but what I didn't know was that I was about to embark on one of the most energetic and lengthy fucks of my life.  More in part two...

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Statistical aberration...?

The quiet times are sadly ongoing.  The Syrian has been unwell, and despite daily messages, we haven't met for almost 2 weeks.  The soldier is back from vacation (not otherwise distracted as I thought), and is also in frequent contact, and perhaps tonight we'll meet.

But.  One guy has been pretty consistent in reaching out, and I finally decided to give him a shot.

My first thought was the disparity between the hairiness displayed in the dick pic and the smooth chest of the body shot, but it turns out the dick pic is his 'pre-gym' days, and the other is new.

After the usual chit-chat, he reveals that's he's a cop, sending me another dick pic, a face pic and a full uniform shot.  He's a 6'1" local, 28y.o. with a buzz cut.  In short, fucking hot.  Let's call him 'Cop 2'...

Anyway, he arrives, and sits down to smoke, asking for water as well.  We sit for a moment, awkward small talk, then he smiles and says 'shall we...', so I stand and lead him to the bedroom.

As we kiss, his hands roam my body, tugging and pulling at my clothes, until he has my jeans around my knees and my ass cupped in his hands.  We kiss some more, then he steps back and peels off his own clothes, gesturing for me to get naked as well, then he takes me in his arms and lowers us together onto the bed.

He's a fantastic kisser, happy to grind his cock against me as we do, repeatedly rolling us over and back, then guiding my head to his rather large cock.  As I lick it and his balls, he's breathing quite heavily and draws me back to kiss some more, then slowly moves my mouth across his chest and torso then ultimately back onto his cock.  As I suck, I can feel and taste his pre-cum, and I sense he's close.

Almost intuitively, he opens the correct nightstand drawer (there are 4), and locates the lube and condoms.  Suiting himself up, he flops to his back and lifts me onto him, but he's not quite hard enough to enter from that angle, so I roll to my stomach and he clambers across me.

He lies atop me, kissing the back of my neck and working his arms beneath me to hold, his hips guiding his cock into position.  "Tell me you want it" he whispers, so I do.  With that, he gently but determinedly enters me.  Pausing, withdrawing and re-entering, he finally gets his whole member into me, then stops to kiss my neck once more and ask if I'm ok.   I nod yes, and he kisses me again and begins to thrust actively, but at such an angle I feel no discomfort at all.  Eventually he withdraws and rolls me to my back, coming atop to kiss me some more, his cock insistent between my legs, and lo, he's back inside me, kissing madly as he thrusts and occasionally dropping his head to lick my chest.  His body is getting tense, and I can feel him edging, when he bucks out of me and sits upright.  Reaching down and grabbing my hips, he moves backwards off the bed until he is standing, dragging me with him, then raises my legs to his shoulders and leans back down to enter me again.  Given his height, I can only assume he's at a 45 degree angle to the floor, but he's determined and I'm enjoying, so all is good.

Finally his movements start to become erratic, and he withdraws - ripping off the condom, and with my legs wrapped around his waist, he begins to jerk off, and within seconds a torrent of thick white cum is unloaded on my stomach.  As he stands there panting, he reaches down and scoops some up, using it to jerk me off, and my load soon comes as well.  Still panting, he walks to the bathroom and enters the shower, returning to dress as I also bathe.  As he dresses, I spot him flexing and admiring himself in the floor length mirror, and as I exit the shower, he takes my hand and runs it over his body, telling me he'll be back soon.

Afterwards, we have a cigarette and watch some TV before he shrugs and says "imshi",* as he leans across to kiss me before leaving...

On a side note, as I was waiting for him to arrive it dawned on me that uniforms are statistically over-represented in my tales.  We've had 'the Cop', "Undercover', 'Ducati' and 'the Soldier', an untold and unpleasant incident with another cop many years back, and now this Cop 2.  Is this odd?

* 'imshi' is Arabic for "I'm outta here"

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Quiet times...

It's been pretty damn quiet tbh.  I've been traveling a lot, the Soldier has found other distractions, the Indian guy is also traveling and the Bro has been assigned a foreign country and departed.  The Falcon has been down the line a few times, but, having read some article or other, I've realized his demeanour, communication style & general behavior is totally that of a teenage fuckboy, so I now just ignore him.

The Syrian and I have fallen into a comfortable routine, meeting up maybe twice a week.  He's now semi-addicted to the reverse cowboy position, so I've had some pretty damned good orgasms, and we're spending as much, if not more, time together out of bed and just hanging out.  He's pretty cut up about my looming departure, and in a sense so am I.

But really, that's it...  I have my new post, and am tentatively exploring 'who's about' on the apps, and it looks encouraging.  More on that in time...

Monday, 13 February 2017

Reaping what you sow...?

So it's no secret that I'm on the apps often, or, to even the most casual reader of this blog, that I have a variety of sexual partners.  However, events of the past few days have sorta caused me to pause and reflect on my behavior (maybe), and wonder what I've become.

After getting hopelessly drunk the other night, I awoke to find a number of messages from the Driver, hoping to pass by.  At 3am...  Beyond this, I had planned a quiet weekend.  Until my phone beeped again at 10pm the next night.  It was the harus, desperate for a blow job, demanding I get in my car and go to him (he can't/won't come to me), followed by an awkward video call where he jerked off on camera, shouting "I know you like this" into the mike as he did so.  Just as I get rid of him, the phone beeps again, and it's the Soldier, telling me he misses me and can we meet again.  He then tells me he finishes at 1am, so he'll be with me by 02:00 if that's ok?  I tell him it's not.  He's put out, and starts sending me dick pics, before petulantly ending our conversation.  That his uniform was clearly visible was quite hot, but not hot enough.  Likewise, the Bro has been in regular contact, hopeful we can meet - again at odd hours - but our diaries haven't gelled.

Am I really 'that guy'?  The older go-to for a quick one?  Fuck I hope not - maybe it's a good thing my contract is up, perhaps I'm getting out of Dodge just in time...

New positions, old problems...

It's the weekend, and I've ducked beachhouse invites.  The Syrian, as always, is keen to catch up, and we agree he'll come to my place late in the afternoon.  This is my favourite time for sex - lunch has been digested, the 'hangries' haven't kicked in yet, and I'm not bloated after dinner.  Plus I'm horny as fuck.  My doorbell goes just a few minutes before he's due, and I open it with a flourish, wearing just a t-shirt and jocks, much to the surprise of the man delivering my dry cleaning.  Maintaining my cool, I grab my wallet, pay him, thank him, and vow never to do that again.  When the Syrian does arrive, I'm somewhat more demurely attired (or at least I'm in trackpants), and he enters quickly, sweeping me into his arms and we remain in the foyer, kissing at length.

We eventually move to the couch, I make tea, we kiss, we talk, we smoke and we watch bad TV.  Then he tells me he's not eaten, so let's have some fun then head out for a bite.  I'm good with that, so in we go to the bedroom, where he lands across the bed and I lie down beside him, prime for a 69, but I'm not letting him do that yet.  I want to pleasure him, so I sit up and kiss him gently, then drop my head to his lap, gently licking his balls, running my tongue over them and up his stirring shaft, nipping his inner thighs and repeating this until he's shuddering and spasming.  He grabs my head and drags me off him, flipping me to my back and climbing atop me, kissing me wildly as his hands roam my body, eventually dropping his own head down and beginning to blow me.  It's good, very good, and I wriggle myself a little to the left so I can take his own cock in my mouth and the 69 does begin.

He's all over the place, sucking, licking and biting me, then he cocks a leg into midair and dives into my ass.  As I arch back in pleasure, I see he's got one leg wrapped around my head, and the other resting on the top of the bedhead, perilously close to some artwork.  Acrobatic indeed.

He eventually gets me onto my stomach, and after suiting up and a good squirt of lube he once again wraps his arms around my chest and enters me.  As I said, I want him to have some fun, but it's really quite painful as I endure his thrusts, but I grit my teeth and persevere - he soon rolls me to my back, my legs around his waist, and begins once more.  I think this is one of our favorite positions - we can kiss as we fuck, I'm in no discomfort and he can bang as hard as he likes.

But, I'd seen something in one of the pornos, and I want to try it.  I sit him on the edge of the bed, feet on the floor, then lie him back.  Facing forward, my hands on his knees, I lower myself onto his cock and sink downwards.  The roar and gasp from behind tells me he's enjoying, but I found it too deep for comfort.  Keen to experiment, I held position, riding him up and down a bit, leaning forward, backward and so on, but always that deep gut-stirring pain.

I climbed off him and turned around, straddling his hips and kissing him as I maneuvered him back inside me, and I began to rock back and forth on his shaft, kissing him and sucking his ears (gross, but he loves it).  He starts to buck and thrust, one hand on my chest, pushing me back against his drawn knees, the other jerking me off, and I have a full-on shuddering orgasm, striping his chest with my cum and leaving me breathless and gasping.

He quickly withdraws and unsheathes, and with both his cocks in hand he milks the last of me and creates his own explosion, drawing me down into an embrace as we catch our collective breath.  We lie together for quite awhile, feeling each others breathing normalize, then he gently pats my rump and tells me it's shower time.

We bathe together and dress in relative quiet, exchanging the occasional kiss as our paths cross in the bedroom, then head out for dinner.

After the meal we go for a walk - my thoughts clouded with the old problem of the looming end to a relationship, his (I thought), by a need for caffeine.  We find a place back near my hotel, but he won't go in.  I mentioned once before what a classist society we live in here, and the Syrian is acutely aware of this.  For those who aren't from the region, it's remarkably easy to identify and differentiate between the various Middle Eastern nationalities and, despite his job and income, he knows where he's pegged on the social scale.

"They will look down on me" is what he says, but from the Lambos, G-wagens and Ferraris parked out front, I suspect any of us might feel the same.  I shrug and we move on maybe 50m, where there is a much quieter spot - an outside table is obtained, coffee is ordered and he produces some cigars.  We sit in relative silence for the duration, talking of frivolous matters occasionally, and as we settle the bill, he smiles wistfully and sighs.  "I shall miss you so much habibi" he says.  Then he wipes a tear from his eye, bids me goodnight and walks to his car without looking back.

I am devastated by this.  I chase him and ask what he means.  He looks surprised and reminds me I'd mentioned some time back my contract was almost up.  "So let us enjoy what we can, while we can" he says as he climbs into the vehicle and drives away.  I went upstairs and got outrageously drunk...

Sadly inevitable, and inevitably sad...

It seems my relationship with the Engineer has come to an end.  Despite agreeing he would pass by a week or two back, I didn't hear from him.  We had agreed some while ago (I thought), that as I was relatively free, he would let me know when his work/family/study timetable permitted us to get together, and I would wait for him to hit me up whenever he could.  It seems he had a different perception, and was waiting for me to invite him over.

After two weeks silence, and repeatedly seeing him on my grid as being just half a mile away, I dropped him a message and asked if I'd upset him.  "Yes" was his single word response, so I quickly replied, telling him of my sorrow at this and my version of our understanding (that I'd wait etc.), but I received nothing for 24 hours, at which point I got a torrent of abuse.  He feels I've "ignored and betrayed" him, preferring to "meet with others".  He lives quite close to the Syrian, and when I was there recently he saw me online, thus assuming I'm "dating others now".  Hoo boy.  I apologize again, but have received nothing from him for a week.

Initially I was kind of outraged that he a) had been stalking me, and b) demanded a justification of my behavior, but that's softened into a kind of sadness that hopes this jealousy is a form of perhaps his feelings for me?

I really don't know how to make this right, or even if I will.  I've been unofficially informed my tour in this godforsaken country will come to an end quite soon, and am merely waiting for the formalities.  Thus, after almost 7 years here, and 5 years of fun and, dammit, affection, it's unlikely I'll ever see him again.  To whisper 'sweet nothings' to sort this situation out, then to end it just a matter of weeks later doesn't feel right.

But he's clearly hurt, and I'm kinda sad about that...


Sunday, 12 February 2017

Double Head(er), part 2

After the Soldier has left, I confirm with the Persian.  He arrives at the appointed time, keen to watch some porn and to play.  At his request, I've downloaded a selection from "Men at Play", which he finds incredibly hot, bucking and shuffling on the couch before he reaches across and draws me into his arms.   We lay snuggled together for a bit, idly watching the film, the Persian occasionally commenting on 'how hot' certain scenes might be.  Before long he sits up and peels off his shirt, drawing my face to his chest and telling me to start biting and sucking his nipples.  This I do, his hands roaming over me and working their way into my trousers, squeezing my ass and roughly fondling my balls.

Soon enough, he wants to move to the bedroom, and we head in and strip off, falling onto the bed together as we kiss and grind our bodies together.  He's on a mission however, and my head (or more to the point, my teeth), are directed back to his pecs and nipples.  He wants to be licked, nipped, bitten and sucked in that area, even declining a blow job, so I work my way up, down and across, the whole time his body twitching and shuddering.  He has also intentionally draped his head backwards over the edge of the bed, telling me the ensuing dizziness adds to his pleasure.  It's kinda weird making out with what seems to be a headless body, but I get a rhythm going and he's quite vocal in his pleasure.

As I lie atop him, I begin to suck on his nipple, imitating the motions of a suckling baby.  This drives him over the edge, and as he clutches my head and bucks his body, I feel a sudden warmth and wetness where our bodies meet.  Yes, he's shot his load.

He's done, but I'm not.  He comes back properly onto the bed and sits me astride him, encouraging me to jerk off and shoot my load all over his chest.  I'm nowhere near this point yet, but he reaches down and begins to massage by balls as I stroke myself, his increasing roughness making me harder and harder, and suddenly that shiver runs through me and I drop a weeks worth onto his hairy chest.

He's delighted by this, rubbing the cum into himself and apologizing we never got to actually fuck, then it's time for him to shower and leave.  So he does...

It's not yet 10pm, and I'm still horny.  Hoping for maybe a triple play, I put out a few calls, but all are busy it seems, except for the Harus.  However, he's come over all shy and will no longer visit my hotel.  I live in a very structured society - my own security guys have correctly tagged him as 'rough trade' and treat him accordingly.  Thus, he only wants to have sex in the car, and that's a little too low, even by my standards...