Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Afternoon fun...

The endless travel continues, and apart from a few meets with Zero-chemistry (although that's improving), and Partyboy, there has been little to report.  Partyboy dumped his load on my ass, then sneakily tried to fuck a little of it back into me, but I stopped that quickly.  The Syrian has traveled again, so I've really been at a bit of a loose end.  But, a very cute guy hit me up on Scruff a while back - 35, 5'10", solid body and a standard 6" but very fat dick.  We've had a few failed attempts at coffee (he works near my home), but we finally identify a window and I head off, telling my wife that a mate and I are having coffee.  In fact we're both incredibly hungover, and he's proposed a recovery lunch.  He lives on the far side of town, so we agree to meet mid-way but at the last minute he suggests we meet at his place, and 'if we get on', fun could be had afterwards.  One of the wonders of Sin City is the incredible freeway system (mercifully quiet on the weekends), so why not.

I arrive downstairs at the same time as the food - he opens the door to me (and immediately after to the food guy), wearing only boxers, his fat cock clearing bobbing about, but he's funny, charming and totally unselfconscious.  Also surprisingly smooth for a regional guy.  After some greetings and a cigarette, we sit down to eat together. We enjoy a good meal, retiring to the balcony for a cigarette afterwards.  As we re-enter the apartment, he taps my shoulder, and as I turn he leans in to kiss me, taking my hand and leading me to the bedroom.  Once inside, we start to kiss quite aggressively, his boxers tenting as he starts to pull my clothes off me, and we fall onto the bed.  We roll about together for a while, mostly kissing, until he swings himself around and positions us for a 69, his cock glistening with pre-cum.  We fool around for a while, then he rolls off the bed and opens the nightstand, producing poppers, lube and condoms.  He takes a hit of the poppers, but they smell off to me (guaranteed boner killer), so I decline, then we kiss a lot more.  Suddenly, I find myself flat on my back, and being suited up.  With one hand holding the poppers, and the other my cock, he lowers himself on to me, slowly rocking is way down my shaft, murmuring to himself as he does.  He eventually bottoms out, and smiles at me dreamily.  "So.  Fucking.  Good." he says as he starts to grind then bounce on me, his fat cock pointing skyward.  I'm happy to massage his chest and tweak his nipples while he enjoys the ride, but he suddenly gasps and starts to shoot all over me.  The first got me in the face, the subsequent shots hit the pillow beside me and gradually I was covered in his load.  The guy just kept going - haven't seen volume like that in a while.  After regaining his breath, I'm still hard inside him, so he tears off the condom, scoops some of his load up and jerks me off.  It was somehow spectacular - I was twitching and squirming before I produced a fair sized load of my own, then he slapped my hip and told me to get in the shower.

I figured we were done, but when I exit the bathroom he's still naked, leaning out the window smoking, and he smiles and offers me water, returning to the bed and opening his laptop, motioning for me to join him.  So I do.  We spend and an hour or so talking of (implausibly), hifi equipment, then he guides my hand to his now stiff cock.  'My turn' he laughs, and pushes me onto my side, coming in behind me as the big spoon.  He's very thoughtful and gentle, holding me as he kisses my back and neck, then he withdraws slightly to suit up.  With one arm wrapped around my chest from behind, he uses his hips to find the mark, then with some grunting on both our parts, his fat dick enters me.  It's painful, but in a good way, and he's got a mercifully short stroke.  All too soon I feel his chest pull away from me as his back arches, and I experience the incredible sensation of his cock pulsing inside me as he cums yet again.  We lie together for a while, and his cock inevitably shrinks, leaving the loaded condom inside me.  Laughing, he carefully extracts it, then empties the contents of the sleeve into his mouth with a shrug.  "Easier than washing the sheets" he says.

We share another cigarette, and he want to go for a third shot, but I'm out of time.  Regretfully I take my leave, but I have visited him a few times since.  More on that later...

Monday, 30 October 2017

Regional romp(s)...

I take what I thought to be a quick trip to another city in the region, but as I'm uncertain of my timetable, I don't have a return ticket.  Rookie error.  A combination of circumstances sees all outbound flights full, so I'm forced to spend 3 days there.  I lived in this city long ago, and still have contacts there, so it's not a problem, just an annoyance.  One chap and I were 'sympatico' back in the day, but despite a pretty clear mutual attraction we never got around to anything sexual, so I call him up for a casual catch-up.  Not completely random - we're in regular contact and occasionally facetime.  He tells me he's already at my hotel, sitting in the coffee shop, killing time as he wanted to get out of the house.  As an unmarried guy, even though he's in his late thirties, he still lives at home - weird, but not uncommon.  We embrace upon greeting, and he lingers just a little too long, but we sit and talk for a while.  After a time, he shifts in his seat and leans forward, our legs now touching, and he tells me quietly how good it is to see me again, how good I look and did I know he has always had the hots for me?  Now this guy is pretty much the package - tall, sportsman build, handsome with twinkly eyes, salt and pepper hair, and I'd be a liar if I didn't admit to the occasional past wank over what I suspect lies in his shorts and what he can do with it...

I smile at him, and inform that it's mutual, but I have a dinner engagement in just a few hours.  At this he stands and suggests we better 'get moving', so we head to the room. As soon as the door is shut, we're kissing, then we undress in a frenzy and fall onto the bed.  It's borderline electric, years of pent-up desire coming to the fore, and we roll about kissing and stroking, pausing to gaze at one another, but in a moment of poor planning, neither of us has a condom.  His response to this is to finger my hole as he sucks, and I reciprocate as part of a 69, both of us using spit to work fingers in.  He turns and straightens, sitting upright between my legs, then inserts two fingers into me, his thumb massaging my balls as his other hand strokes my cock.  I soon shoot my load, and he carefully scoops it up before falling beside me, using my cum to jerk himself off as I slide my own fingers inside him, and as he bucks down on my hand his cock explodes all over his stomach...

A quick shower and a cigarette, then it's time to part.  Lengthy kisses at the door, then he's gone.

After my dinner it's still early, so I retire to the hotel bar, discreetly firing up Scruff.  Incredibly, as I get a barrage of messages from a guy barely 200m away, a mate walks in.  I close the app and engage in too many drinks and banter with my friend, but eventually it's time to leave, and I check the app again - the guy is still nearby, asking what's going on.  I offer my apologies and tell him I'm heading to bed, when he reveals he's in the same hotel, but at a different bar.

We meet in the lobby, and he's cute (but very short).  In fact, he reminds me strongly of the Swimmer, but I push through that and we head upstairs.  He's more of a talker, and we spend some time naked together just chatting, then he rolls on top of me and starts to dry hump, his cock sliding between my legs as he grunts and groans, then he flips us so I'm atop and astride him, his cock now moving up and down my slot as we grind together.  His pubes against my balls have me going, and I start to leak a little, then whammo, I shoot handsfree onto him.  This drives him nuts, and he drags his cock beneath me, my belly now grinding it against his cum covered one.  With a roar, then a whimper, he starts to tremble, then spurt.  And spurt again, and again.  It took a lot of tissues to soak up the combined loads, but we managed.  After regaining our breath, he stands and dresses, massaging the last of the mess into his fur, then makes his exit.  I immediately fall asleep, waking late the next day to many messages from him, asking when I'll next return...

Update, and some fun...

Wow - sorry for the ongoing silence.  My new role as a 'consultant' has been more successful than I'd imagined, and I've spent the past 2 months or so criss-crossing the region, with barely more then 3-4 nights in any one country.  But that doesn't mean I haven't had any fun, just no time to write about it!

One guy hit me up on Scruff - stats were good, the chat was witty and he wasn't too far away, so we kept talking.  After a few days, he informed that he was 'working from home', and that the flatmates wouldn't be back until 6pm.  Was I free?  Yes, as a matter of fact I was!  He unlocks his private pics, and god love him, it's just more face pics.  Cute guy from the region, mid-thirties, 6' & 85kg and 'versatile'.  A body approaching rugby player - solid, but fit.  His big deal breaker was the smoking, so I brush my teeth before I head off.  After some confusion (roadworks), I get there, and he comes downstairs to meet me, escorting me to a vast penthouse on the 55th floor of a downtown building.  The views are spectacular, and he explains that it's a glorified share house, and the rent split is much the same as living alone in a lesser address.  Smart move.

We retire to the bedroom, and as he closes the door he turns to take my head in his hands.  Kissing me gently, we stand together for a time, our hands roaming and tongues exploring, before he pulls away.  Shyly, he starts to disrobe, tugging at my own clothes as he does so, but that doesn't take much - my shoes were left behind at the door, I'm commando under my shorts and otherwise only wearing a t-shirt.  He's a little more structured in his appearance - long trousers, shirt + tee, and the bizarre custom of drawers over briefs.  Eventually we're naked together and kissing again, and he lowers us gently on to the bed.  He's rocking a good sized cock (more on that later), but I don't see too much of it as he drops into a crouch and starts to suck me.  He's very good at it, and goes at me for a while, until I'm uncomfortably close to edging.  I pull his lips off my dick and to my own, his now hard cock pushing against me as we roll about on the bed, bodies intertwined.  He'd been such an enthusiastic sucker I began to wonder if I'd misread his profile and he was more bottom, but he asserts himself and directs my head south, where the 'good sized' cock has swollen considerably and can now be considered 'large'.  I suck him for a while, nipping at his butt cheeks, sucking and slurping on his member, tugging at his balls with my mouth, then I break to return to kissing him.  Again the enthusiasm, but as we roll, I feel something between my legs and glance down.  'Large' has grown another two inches, and can now be called 'rampant', or if you prefer, 'massive'.

I'm not certain how I'm going to accommodate the monster now pushing against my belly, but I ask him if he wants to fuck, and looks at me in surprise.  "No - I only fuck people I know" his reply, and he drops his head to my aching cock and starts to suck again.  I'm now squirming, and tell him to slow down, but his reply is to reach up and shove his fingers in my mouth, silencing me as he takes me to conclusion, swallowing every drop.  As I shudder and gasp, chest heaving, he looks up with a smile, then shuffles up my body until he's straddling me.  As he grinds his balls against my torso, he works his cock until rope after rope sprays across my chest and shoulders, finally dropping on to me for a lengthy kiss.

After some quiet time together, we shower then move back to his living room for coffee and talk.  Soon we are close to the time his flatmates will begin to return, so I reluctantly take my leave.  We've been chatting off and on since, but the diaries haven't gelled again as yet.  We'll see if there's to be a return bout, and if he's decided he 'knows' me...

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Triple header (3/3 - night)

The night before...  So this guy has been up and down the line, and he's pretty funny.  The pics are a guy who's quite muscular, maybe 5'11", late 30's.  We agree to meet for coffee, and after some confusion as to location I finally arrive.  After 45 minutes in the car, I end up 400m from my own front door!  He's nowhere to be seen, so I message - he's outside in his car, and will be in directly, so I sit.  The door opens, and in he walks.  Much better looking than his pics suggested, but difficult to get a read on his height as he is so musclebound.  I'm talking Arnie here.  Arms bigger than my legs.  Legs so developed he almost waddles.  A chest that just keeps going.  A neck you couldn't get your hands around.  All wrapped in a skintight t-shirt and white jeans (although at that size, I suspect everything is tight).  It's bizarre, bordering on comical.  But he's got a handsome face and a lovely smile, so I relent a little and accept his offer of coffee.  We start to chat, and he's quick to tell me he doesn't work, and of his car(s), his travels and the nearby house(s) he owns.  I live - as a renter - in a rather posh neighborhood, so he's clearly trying to impress me.  I'd already scoped him online, and I know the name he's given me is right, and that he comes from a very senior family.  Mindful of this I can't help but wonder what the muscles are compensating for?

Anyway, we spend a pleasant hour or so, with much laughter.  The coffee shop is closing so we must leave, and he insists on driving me to my car.  It's like 100m away, but he's adamant.  I leap into the car (yes, it's nice), and knock over a bottle of something, which he's quick to grab.  "My juice" he says, but it's clearly not.  More likely the 'roids he takes, but who am I to judge.  Within moments we're at my own car, and he pulls over, his hand stroking my leg as we chat.  After a few minutes, he leans across to kiss me, then he goes all shy, proposing we go drinking "or something" soon.  I agree, bid him goodnight and take the very short drive back to mine.

The night - I drop him a line, tell him I'm around and would he like to have that drink?  He tells me he has gym, and won't be ready for some time as he has no clothes.  I tell him to come to mine in his kit and we can just hang out.  He agrees, and arrives at the appointed time.  Collapsing on my couch, he declines alcohol, and instead consumes 3 x bananas, a packet of biscuits and 2 x apples.  All the while, it appears as though he's struggling to stay awake, and when I ask he just smiles and says "always like this after a workout baby".

Anyway.  We sit and chat for a while, then he dozily reaches across and drags me to him, kissing me quite passionately, but again with something like narcolepsy kicking in every few minutes, until he stands and indicates the stairs.  I honestly didn't know if I was going to fuck with him or not until this point.  He's absolutely not my type, and of the various holiday pics with the apparent world-wide network of white-haired boyfriends he's shown, I am maybe 10-15 years younger than anyone else (I have the sense he's a willing plaything/trophy for these older guys).  So I don't even know if I'm his type, but he seems keen and the chemistry is good, so fuck it, why not...

He literally shuffles up the stairs, and pauses on the upper landing.  I indicate which door, and he turns, lifts me into his arms and literally carries me to the bed.  Nice touch.  Then he lies down and closes his eyes, and I really don't know what to do.  He sleepily smiles at me, then sits up and starts to disrobe, literally peeling his clothes off, a good sized cock bobbing in his shorts.  Given the muscles, the juice, and all of that, I'm expecting a raisin sized pair of balls, but am pleasantly surprised to see a 'normal' pair dangling below a slim 7-8" cock.

From here it was kind of fun.  Rolling onto me to kiss, he's obviously crushed me, and my pounding on his back to get him to move made us both laugh.  We ended up on our sides kissing for a while, then a brief 69, before I set to work sucking his cock and licking his balls.  Again, though, each time I look up he appears to have nodded off, which was a little disconcerting.

He taps my jaw at one stage, and beckons me up to kiss, which involved literally climbing onto him.  It was like straddling a barrel, but pleasantly so.  He reaches off the bed and produces a condom from his pocket, fits it to himself and tells me to roll over. Positioning himself between my legs, he's careful not to lower his weight onto me, rather he lifts my hips and lowers me onto his cock, my legs now around his hips, but uncomfortably splayed owing to his size.  We fool around for a bit, trying different positions, but ultimately it's easiest for me to climb back onto 'the barrel' and take him cowboy style.  At this point, his strength and mass are an advantage - he's able to fuck me from below without any apparent effort, his cock driving far into me, my hands spread on his pecs, and suddenly I begin to tremble.  Before I can even register that I've passed the point of no return, my cock is spurting madly as he keeps fucking me, producing a fairly intense orgasm and a load that has sprayed all over his stomach.  Handsfree!!!  Wiping himself down, he barely breaks stride as he pushes me aside and positions us doggy style, his cock slamming back into me as he furiously pumps at my ass.  He soon shudders and stops, then heads in search of the bathroom.

After he bathes, he returns and starts to dress, but gets no further than his drawers before he lies back down on the bed to chat.  We spend a pleasant half hour or so talking, but then he must leave.

We're both traveling in the next day or so - me for the Med, him to Sitges, so it'll be many weeks before we see one another again.  Let's see...

Triple Header (2/3 - evening)

Having spent the afternoon cruising the apps, a guy that I'd been chatting with previously pings me.  As with the guy this morning he's nearby, but can't host.  He apparently has a weakness for sniffing, which is kinda odd, but with him in mind I had spent the day with the ac turned off.  Given it's 102f outside, I'm hoping to develop a suitable funk.  I figured if he didn't work out I could always shower...

 His pics are awesome, and again, tall, handsome and 33y.o.  I'm good with this, so an invite is extended.  However, he starts work in two hours, so I suggest he might like to start his duty with a smile, and within 10 minutes he's at my door.  Mixed race, he combines local looks with piercing blue eyes, and he stands maybe 2" taller than me.  Wow.  As soon as the door is closed, he pulls me into his arms, kissing me and telling me with almost childish enthusiasm how excited he is to be here.  He shucks his dishdash, revealing a massive bulge beneath Union Jack trunks (apparently worn in my honour), and he eagerly starts to remove my own clothes as well.

We're soon on the couch in our underwear, making out, teasing one another, our cocks bulging in our underwear, and I tell him of my ac free day.  He immediately lifts my arm and licks my armpit, moaning in pleasure and repeatedly licking at each, then he pulls away and falls to his knees in front of me.  Dropping his face into my crotch, he inhales deeply, and grabs my package, stretching it tight against the fabric of my briefs and dragging his nose all over my bulge as he rubs himself.  He somehow gets the whole lot in his mouth, tugging at me with his teeth, then letting go and sliding my briefs down.  He begins lapping at my balls and groin, inhaling deeply as he does, then swallows my cock whole.

He sucks me for a while, then lifts me to my feet, my underwear falling to the floor.  Breaking the bj, he also stands, then reclines back onto the couch.  From his now supine position, he takes my hips and brings me toward him, shoving his face back into my crotch and recommencing the suck and licking.  All too soon he taps my hip and points to his own member, lurking massively inside the shorts, so I move down to return the favour.

Fuck it's big.  I mean really big.  Snuffling through the fabric, I'm mentally calculating htf I'm going to take this, but I power on and pull down his shorts.  The thing springs upright, and I blink then start to lick it.  He's now squirming, but has enough presence of mind to pull me closer and he starts to kiss and lick my ass cheeks, then positioning us in a 69, his tongue back at work on my balls and groin as I suck him.  But really, he's just too big to swallow, so I return to licking it and sucking on his balls, moving myself further down so I can rim him as well.  This has him bucking up and down, so I move myself further down again and start to go at him from below, my tongue moving from his bud to the tip of his cock, then back again.  By now he's in another place, head twitching, and as I go for another dive into his hole with my tongue, his back arches and he announces he's cumming.  I lift my head and grab his cock, catching the second spurt in my mouth, then I decide to 'punish' him and go hard on the sucking while he's shooting.  When the Syrian does this to me, the pleasure/pain matrix is almost unbearable, and I'm hoping this guy is experiencing the same.  It seems he is, as I have to swallow twice before he pushes me away, and then he just lies there panting.

Sadly, the local in him comes to the fore, and he has little concern for my own 'conclusion'.  Once he's regained his breath, he redresses, kisses me on the cheek and leaves...

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Triple header (1/3 - morning)

As previously mentioned, since relocating to Sin City, the apps have been running hot.  Although wtf is "Final Fantasy XV?  I'm on a sex app, and I'm likely to get distracted by a game???.  Do they even know who they're marketing to?

Anyway.  Unexpectedly, my wife has to travel, and I convince her to take the kids.  Easy, and I'm ready for some long delayed fun.  Just 72 hours of freedom, and I'm determined to make the most of it.

First up is a young chap living nearby - he's a Pathan (part of Afghanistan), a people famous for their height, strength, bad temper and massive cocks. 
The Pathan...

...and his cock
He doesn't disappoint from the pics, and at 27y.o. and 182cm I'm keen, but after an endless conversation, it's clear we won't be able to meet, so onto the next.  A strapping guy has been down the line off and on over the past week, so I ping him back and advise my sudden availability.

All is good, and he lives nearby, so I head off.  He'd sent pics of a too-good-to-be-true nature - a blonde Euro guy, dead handsome, 6 foot tall, swimmer/rugby build and an 8" uncut cock.  I'm curious to see what the reality is.  I get there, and knock on the appointed door.  It opens, and whole package is there, naked beneath a gaping bathrobe.  I step inside, and he closes the door behind me as we exchange cursory greetings, but he's more keen to fondle my ass and stroke my body, shucking the robe as he tells me to also undress.  He's very keen to fuck bareback, but I've told him no, and he has no condoms, but he accepts with good grace, pushing me onto the bed and shoving his cock in my mouth.  I love sucking uncut, and I soon have him gasping and shuddering, sucking and running my tongue around his foreskin, before he withdraws and leans down to kiss me.  He takes advantage of the break to get onto the bed beside me, stretching out to be serviced, and I'm happy to oblige.  We get to the stage he's almost in the foetal position, my head trapped between his legs, when he pushes me away and leaps to his feet.  Panting, he shoves me flat onto the bed and starts to jerk off, soon sending 3-4 stripes of cum that ran from my chin to my balls.  What a load!!!

Smiling at me, he shakes his head and reaches down and uses his cum to jerk me off with one hand as he milks the last of his load onto my balls with the other.  He smiles approvingly as I shoot, then we squish together for a bit, kissing and laughing before we shower, but it's clear he has things to do so I make my exit.  As I leave, he asks if I'd be prepared to bareback if we were 'exclusive', but I have to shake my head in reply.

Not a bad way to spend 45 mid-morning minutes, and, tbh, when I think of that body looming over me, and that uncut cock squirting all over me, I still get hard...

Final night, and a revelation...

It is my last night before departure - I have told the Syrian, and specifically reserved it for him.  He arrives at my flat right on time, and we kiss and chat for a while on the couch, moving to the bedroom in our own time.  He's come in the early evening, giving us time to fuck, eat and then fuck again if we so choose.  We choose.

Our sex is as always - the Syrian is a gentle and thoughtful lover, taking time to pleasure me as always, sucking my cock to the edge, then teasing me back down. He's determined to eat out my ass as well, his mouth covering every inch of me from the lips down to my hole and back again, before he snuggles down beside me in the 'big spoon' position.  From here he rolls to his back, and I'm now face up on top of him, and with a wriggle and a thrust he's inside me, bucking at me from below.  He has one arm drawn around my leg, the other around my cock, and as I bounce up and down, he's effectively jerking me off.  It's electric, and I explode all over my chest all too soon.  He quickly withdraws, and kneeling between my legs he shoots over me, our loads conjoined, as he slumps forward to kiss and cuddle.

We bathe together, then dress and go walking.  We eat a casual meal then return to the flat, indulging in another round of sex, both of us enjoying a second orgasm, then lie together panting and smiling.  Exhausted, sweaty and with bits of dried cum all over us, we flop on the couch for a cigarette, then decide to shower before watching TV.  During this time, I am lying in his arms and he goes all serious on me.  "So habibi, when is it that you leave" he asks, and I am surprised.  "Tomorrow" I say, and I feel him stiffen beneath me, then silence as he strokes my arm.  I am far more upset by this than I realise, but then I lift myself and turn to him.  He is staring into the distance, and tears are rolling down his face.  "This is just like my Qusay" he says softly, and I ask him to clarify.  Of all the friends he's mentioned, this is the first I've heard of Qusay.

"He was my everything" the Syrian says, tears now flowing.  "We were together for 20 years, then he left me to return to his family in Syria.  Now you have left me as well".  To say I'm shocked is an understatement.

It turns out they had been together since military college, their wives were friends, and when the families would decamp for summer vacation, the two of them would shack up together for months at a time, and left Syria together to begin a new life in this country.  All with the families knowledge and consent.  Totally Brokeback...  He had been gone 3 months when the Syrian and I first met.  One odd fact is that back then, the Syrian was sleeping on a divan style bed in the living room.  There was an unused bedroom, and when I used to ask about it, the Syrian would change the subject.  He now tells me it was 'their' bedroom, and he couldn't bear to sleep in there without his mate.  He moved house shortly after we met, and that was apparently driven by meeting me and wanting to make a fresh start.  They talk every other day, Qusay knows all about me, and is happy for the Syrian.  My head is spinning.  I don't know what to think (Jealous?  Angry this has been withheld?  Something else?), so I just say "Ok"...

We talk for a while longer, and he reveals feelings for me that are far deeper than I realised.  It is one thing to have sweet nothings murmured in Arabic, another entirely to be told the same in English and with direct eye contact.  My only concern is how to minimise his hurt, and I'm struggling.

We talk softly for a while, and he calms down.  The idea that I will return often comforts him, but I don't have the heart to say it's only for another 3-6 months, deciding to cross that bridge in time.

Eventually it is time for him to leave, and we part with genuine affection and some emotion.  We remain in contact, messaging each other a few times a week, and damn I miss him...